2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The baking, the elf moving, the decorating, the cooking, the programs, and on and on it goes. We all LOVE Christmas but boy can it drain us women. So much to do, so little time, and the gift getting process can be daunting! Making sure you haven't forgotten anyone, coming up with gifts they'll love all while trying to not break the banks. Whooooo! I'm tired just thinking about it all!

Well, once again the Belle is here to save the day! We know how draining the holidays can be, and we want to make your life easier by being your one stop shop for the ladies in your life. 

The Stocking Stuffer: 

If you are like me, I ALWAYS forget my own stocking. Fret no more! Bundle a few of our accessories and you're good to go! Easy peasy! We have great deals on these bundles. This is just one example valued at $43 that we're selling for $35. Let us know what you're looking for and your budget and we can make your stocking magical too. 

Stocking stuffer.jpg

The Teacher: 

One of the hardest people to gift for are teachers. We don't know them THAT well, but they spend more time with our kids than we do during the school year and they love our babies as their own. So we need to do something, right? Being a former teacher myself, I concocted the perfect combo, a little bling and a gift card! This PLASTIC ornament (don't worry, the kiddo can't break it) can be filled with earrings and a $10 gift card for only $15. Yes, I know, that's the regular cost of earrings. You can thank me later, trust me, the teachers will. 

teacher present.jpg

The person who has everything: 

We all have that person on the list. The one whom has everything, or wants nothing, or maybe you just have NO CLUE what to buy. You can't go wrong with our Mixologie Gift boxes! Put some Perfume, Top Shelf Lotion and/or a bath bomb in and you're good to go! If you want something extra fun? Add in one of our accessories for a box of pampering with some glam on the side. These start at $20. 

mixologie gift set.png

Another idea for the person who has everything is to bling their tree. We'll put one of our Sugar Stacks in an ornament for you so wrapping is a breeze! Priced at $30 these Stacks go with everything, making them a GREAT gift! 

For the Southerner:

You can never have enough sweatshirts, especially when it's FR-EEZING outside. This simple Y'all sweatshirt is perfect under the tree. I know not everyone likes giving gift cards so this is an easy to get right size wise piece that they'll wear all winter long. 


For the Beau

Now this doesn't have to be for the beau in your life, but I'm sure he'd appreciate it. This can be an easy stocking stuffer or just another gift under the tree. 

USAbourbon drinking team.gif

The Last Minute Gift

Need a last minute gift? Head over to our new arrivals section to purchase a gift card. We can either mail you an actual certificate or send you a code. It will arrive in your inbox within minutes. 

We also have gift card bundles. So if you buy a gift with a gift card, you can get a discount. 

No matter who you are buying for, the Belle is here to help! We hope to make your Holidays a little less stressful and a lot more Jolly! We can also wrap your gift and add a card for $2. Shipping is flat rate $5 or free over $50. Reach out to us with your list and we'll work with you to see how we can help! 

Merry Shopping! 

-xo The Belle


Here at Belle of Bogue, we sell so much more than clothes. When I started this company, I wanted to create a space where women felt comfortable to shop. Where there was no judgment when you come in rocking the sweats and a crying baby on your hip. Where women could feel beautiful- no matter their uniqueness- in fact, a place their uniqueness is CELEBRATED! 

It's amazing how a top that fits right can change a woman. It can make her stand taller, bring light to her eyes and brighten that inner glow more than imaginable. It can take her from looking worn down to looking confident and full of energy. This is why I love my job. I get a rush from seeing that flame within a woman brighten by putting her in an outfit she loves. It's an even bigger rush when I can push her from her normal box and be adventurous in something she would never try on. 

While on vacation I read a book, Girl Code. The book lit a fire in me to push this movement. There are so many of you sitting on the sidelines, waiting to jump in- and I want to help empower you to do that. I'm so excited you are on this journey with me and I can't wait to share everything that is on my heart. We are adding #imabelle as a Belle of Bogue hashtag and I'm anxiously hanging on to where this ride will lead us. 

So, tell me......what does being a Belle mean to you? 


xo Lainey

Quick Dinner Tips

{Dinner Tips}


Yesterday while talking with some mom friends at Bible Study, I shared one of my dinner secrets to eating healthy AND not spending an hour in the kitchen. I'm going to share mine- so now you share yours!

Life WithThe Belle_Dinner Tips.png


I buy a whole chicken every week (about $5 at Aldi). I toss it in the crockpot with either a can of beer or season it with salt/pepper/garlic.


I cook it on low all day or on high if I don't get it in until lunch. It's literally falling apart by the time I get it out. Then I take about 5 min to shred it and I have meat for dinner for about 4 nights.


Occasionally we eat just the chicken with veggies, but here are some of our faves:


Taco or nacho night:

Toss some chicken in a 9x13 with a can of black beans (rinsed), corn, 1/2 onion chopped, cheese and toss in the oven for 10 min at 350. Top with tomato and avocado.


Chicken salad:

mix with pico de gallo and mashed avocado


Buffalo Chicken wraps:

Mix with 1/4 cup buffalo sauce, 1 cup of greek yogurt, and a lot of shredded cheese. Bake 15-20 min at 350. Scoop into Bibb Lettuce


PF Chengs Chicken wraps:



Orange Chicken:

I get the orange chicken sauce from Campbells, toss it in the skillet for a few then serve over rice (Uncle Bens minute rice)


You can also do chicken n' dumplings, toss it in pasta (sometime I toss it in pasta salad), etc. It is a SERIOUS time saver.

Now it's your turn, what are some of your favorite easy dinners? 

Embrace it.

It's been a while since I posted. If you are a regular customer or follow me on social media, you know why. Buying, selling and moving out of a rental by yourself with 2 kids isn't for the faint of heart. I did good to keep the business going at the rate I did. Now that I've survived, it's time to get the business back into full gear. 

One thing we are doing is completely changing platforms. It is QUITE the undertaking, but it's going to be so much better- for y'all (if you are a customer) and me. I'm so excited! But as I was updating the website I realized how much the blog had been neglected. (OOPS!) And just like that, the perfect topic popped in my head: EMBRACE IT. 

This is something I've reminded several of my friends these past few weeks. It's something that took a while for myself to do. I'm definitely not the same girl that used to tear up the town in college, or the same girl my husband fell in love with at first sight. I don't look anything like her-and that's ok. I'm not her anymore. I'm a wiser, stronger, savvier, more independent version of that girl. I've hung up some hats since then and put on others- like motherhood and businesswoman. 

For a long time after having my oldest, I hated putting a swimsuit on. Now I don't worry about the cellulite because I'm too busy playing with my kids. AKA making sure nobody drowns and everyone has enough snacks. (And let's be honest, 19 year old me had cellulite too.) Also, I've been leaving the leggings at home and wearing sundresses again- and it feels so good! Eating healthier and shedding a few pounds hasn't hurt either, but at the end of the day I'll never be that 20 year old girl my husband married again. Honestly, I don't know if I want to be, that means I'd have to go back and give up all the life I've lived these last 7 years. 

Moral of the story: Embrace yourself. You aren't the person you used to be, you've lived a LIFE since then- and we're all too busy making sure our kids have enough snacks to worry about the extra roll or two you have. So wear what makes you happy, go hunt down clothes that you LOVE. Go find a GOOD swimsuit that makes you feel HOT- and not just because it's 87 degrees with 95% humidity. Chase your kids at the playground. Jump in the pool. Make memories. 

P.S. If you need a band-aid, extra pair of goggles, juice box, sunscreen or ball to play with, we're happy to share. But us mom's know all we really need is an ear to listen about how our kids summertime bickering is driving us crazy- and snacks, because the kids cleared out your pantry even though you restocked it yesterday. 

Styling Tips for Busy Moms

You're a busy mom. The littles in your life bring you so much love, joy, and STRESS! I get it! I'm totally right there with you. My youngest is finally getting to the age I can sometimes get away with a necklace or earrings again. When you're chasing kids around all day it is hard to look nice, even when we want to. Earrings get ripped out (OUCH!) necklaces get yanked on (no kiddos, that's not a mommy leash!) and mommy just wants to look put together- for once! Here are a few quick tips for you busy moms out there!

  • Infinity scarves

A scarf can take a simple top or dress and take it to a whole new level. 

  • Patterns- less accessorizing

When you wear a patterned piece, you have an instant statement piece. From there, you can go minimalist on accessories making a stylish outfit easy to pull off. 

  • Wipes- instant baby mess remover

Until I had kids, I didn't recognize the magical powers of baby wipes. Now I keep a travel pack in my purse at all times! Spit up? Snot? or maybe your own clumsiness- baby wipes to the rescue! Now I don't have to rely on the "I'm a hot mess because I have kids" excuse. 

  • Diamond studs with screw backs.

Everyone knows earrings can go a long way. Even simple studs are a great way to complete a look. The problem? With young kids, earnings have a way of getting ripped out. My personal favorite are diamond studs with backs that twist on like a screw, they are less likely to fall out- and kiddos don't yank on studs. 

  • Flats

Flats are this momma's best friend. I can't tell you how long it's been since I tossed on a pair of heels- and honestly the thought of putting some on makes me want to stay in. Invest in some great flats to keep your outfit stylish and keep your comfort!

  • Tunics

I call it the mom uniform. Well, if you want a step up from yoga pants and a t-shirt, but all of the same comfort! Tunic and leggings are my go to outfit. You look dressed up but don't lose any comfort.


These are some of my tips and go to's when getting ready. You don't have to be a glamazon to be stylish and on trend. 



Quick Guide: Fall colors

It is one of my favorite times of year, the start of fall! It's still gorgeous out, but I'm not greeted by a wall of hot, humid air when I open my door in the morning. Personally, I love sitting outside and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning and driving on back country roads enjoying the colors of the changing leaves. Along with the colors of the leaves, it's always exciting to check out the Pantone color forecast! So until the leaves start changing, let's enjoy the the Pantone colors for Fall 2016!

I'm already seeing these colors being HOT while buying our fall inventory!  

Some tips when shopping with these colors:

  1. Are you a red head? Lush Meadow tends to look great with your coloring! 
  2. Spicy Mustard can wash out pale skin, incorporate this color in a cardigan or pair with scarf so a different color is next to your face-keeping you from being washed out.
  3. Sharkskin is a perfect base to pair with a fun new statement necklace or scarf! This color is also easy to dress up or down. 
  4. The blue tones are definitely the most popular this season, be ready to fill your fall closet with them!

Fall is around the corner! Pumpkin everything are starting to appear in stores everywhere. We're looking forward to cozy tunics and boots. Personally, I'm loving Riverside and Aurora Red are my favorite. Which colors are you looking forward to filling your closets with?!



New Adventures

One thing I quickly learned as a military spouse is to enjoy life's adventures, and there is always another around the corner. 


The next adventure for my family is to head to the Atlanta, Georgia area. As we pack up here in North Carolina and move to the land of peaches, we will be slowing down for for a few weeks. But we will be back soon! I already have events lined up in Georgia! 

So if you have friends in the area, PLEASE share! We would GREATLY appreciate the help getting the word out about the Belle. We will still happily meet your fashion needs through our online store. 


Thanks for the love NC! 



Fashion on Wheels

So, where's your actual store? 

This is a question, or some form of it, gets asked all of the time. The answer is, we don't have one. Our trailer, whom we fondly call Lucy, is our store. When opening the business, convenience for busy women was my top priority. A store with rigid hours is not conducive to that, so I chose to go 100% mobile. This allows us to be much more flexible for you! It allows us to bring our entire store to you, wherever and whenever you want us. 


How does it work?

Mobile boutiques are a new trend, and each owner operates hers differently. Here at the Belle, I am always up for an adventure! While we do standard events such as ladies night in and park in your driveway, or local festivals and fairs-we've also done other fun stops too! We've done a tween fashion show and party, real estate open houses, blogger networking night and even a 40th anniversary party at a RV resort. With Lucy the possibilities are ENDLESS. 


Convenience, Convenience, CONVENIENCE! 

How many times do people ask you how you've been and you respond "CRAZY!"??? At the Belle, we're all too aware of juggling a crazy schedule. We also know how important it is to take care of yourself, so we've tried to make it easy for you. From our VIP group on Facebook where you can order our newest arrivals to scheduling a free private styling session, we are here for you!